205 Environmentally Sealed Pitch Theremin Module
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205 Environmentally Sealed Pitch Theremin Module

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Product Description

The 205 Pitch Theremin Module typifies one of many Harrison Instruments products designed for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. This module is a ruggedized, IP-64-rated pitch theremin designed for outdoor environments. Utilization of high-stability inductors, a high-stability quartz piston calibration capacitor, remote voltage tuning, and a gasketed enclosure with hermetic connector provide trouble-free service for damp environments where either direct exposure to rain and mist or condensing humidity is a factor.


* Ideal for OEM build-in requirements where environmental humidity is a factor

* Operation from a single, low-voltage DC power supply

* Low power dissipation

* High-fidelity, pleasing output tone with exceptionally low noise, wide pitch range, and an expanded sensing distance (up to 24")

* Audio output for direct connection to an external amplifier, or capable of directly driving an 8-Ohm loudspeaker at medium volume levels

* Exceptionally stable, low-drift operation for ambient temperature ranges from -25C to +80C

* Integral electrostatic-discharge protection prevents accidental blow-out from static electricity

* Simple, one-knob, external user adjustment

* Easy calibration with one on-board adjustment

* Designed for operation with 25 to 64 square-inch plate antennas

For more information on the 205 Environmentally Sealed Pitch Theremin Module, or to discuss variations to fulfill your specific OEM requirements, please contact us.

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205 Environmentally Sealed
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