206E Warranty and Repair

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Two Year Product Warranty

Harrison Instruments Corporation ("Harrison Instruments") warrants the 206E Theremin Product to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of purchase, PROVIDED, however, that this limited warranty is extended only to the
original purchaser and is subject to the following conditions, exclusions and limitations:

This limited warranty shall be void and of no effect, if:

  1. The first purchase of the product is for the purpose of resale; or
  2. The original purchase of the product is not made from Harrison Instruments; or
  3. The product has been damaged by accident or unreasonable use, neglect, improper maintenance, or other causes; or
  4. The serial number affixed to the product is altered, defaced, or removed; or
  5. The product is altered by any party not authorized by Harrison Instruments.

In the event of a defect in material or workmanship covered by this limited warranty, Harrison Instruments will repair the defect in material or
workmanship without charge or replace the product, at Harrison Instruments' option, provided however, that in any case, all costs of shipping
for the purpose of shipping the product to Harrison Instruments for repair are paid by you, the purchaser.

In order to obtain service under this warranty, you must:

  1. Contact Harrison Instruments and obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.
  2. Ship the defective product, FREIGHT PREPAID and INSURED for its purchase value, to:

    Harrison Instruments Corporation
    Post Office Box 9012
    Rockville, Maryland 20916

  3. Include a complete, detailed description of the problem.
  4. Include a complete return address.

If the defect can be remedied under this limited warranty and other terms and conditions expressed herein have been complied with,
Harrison Instruments will provide the necessary warranty service to repair or replace the product and will return it to you, the purchaser.

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