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The 206E Pitch Theremin incorporates on our high-quality 206 Pitch Theremin Printed Circuit Assembly. This theremin is housed in a compact, rugged ABS enclosure, and equipped with a threaded adapter for attachment to a microphone stand. A plug-in telescoping antenna that extends to a height of 20 inches quickly collapses and unplugs for transport. An internal alkaline 9V battery (included) is accessible by removal of the four bottom cover screws, and provides a service life in excess of 100 hours. The 206E's compact overall dimensions,  just 2.9" X  3.9" X  6" (antenna detached), is unprecedented for convenience, allowing easy storage and quick setup.  Its extended ZERO range also accommodates our standard 6" square plate antennas, and permits correct hand sensing in a variety of performance environments.


* Equipped with 5/8"-27 standard female-thread coupler for attachment to straight mic stands

* Operation from internal 9 Volt battery 

* Low current consumption for long battery life

* High-fidelity, pleasing sine-like output tone with exceptionally low noise, wide pitch range, and good sensing linearity

* 1/4" mono line output for user-supplied external amplification through either amps or boards

* Stable, low-drift operation

* Easy pitch ZERO calibration with one knob

* Convenient VOLUME knob

* Useful sensing range with supplied telescoping antenna, also adaptable to plate antennas for extended sensing range

Technical Specifications

Values are typical, unless otherwise noted, and specified with
VOLUME Potentiometer fully clockwise (CW).

Overall Dimensions 2.9" x 3.9" x 6"
(7.37cm x 9.91cm x 15.24cm)
Antenna length (extended) 20.5" 0.25"
(52.07 0.64cm)
Weight (with battery and telescoping antenna) 13 ounces
(369 grams)
Operating Temperature Range +30F to +90F
(-1.1C to +32.2C)
Storage Temperature Range -10F to +120F
(-23.3C to +48.8C)
Power Source Internal 9V Alkaline Battery
Operating Current (maximum)
5 milliamperes
Line Output Amplitude
1 volt, P-P
Output Connector
1/4" Mono Jack
Roll-Up Frequency (-3dB) 60 hertz
Roll-Off Frequency (-3dB) 1550 hertz
Pitch Response to Hand Position
(with telescoping antenna)
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Line Output Impedance, (volume at 50%) 5,000 ohms
Line Output Noise at Zero Beat 
(bandwidth = 20Hz to 20kHz)
2 millivolts, P-P
Line Output Signal to Noise Ratio  48 dB
Local Oscillator Frequency
455 2 kilohertz
Total Recommended Antenna Capacitance (typical) 10 picofarads

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206E Pitch Theremin
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